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How to identify synthetic cannabis

How to identify synthetic cannabis

Much like the term suggests, synthetic marijuana was created artificially in a lab and resulted in the adulteration of the original substance. Like original marijuana, the synthetic variety is also smoked, and unlike the former, it comes in small packets with the label of “not for human consumption” and also has some street/slang names associated with it such as “Spice”, “Black Mamba”, “K2”, and “Sexy Monkey” among many others.

Whichever name you may use to call out the synthetic marijuana, it has been slyly masquerading around like an imposter for the past few years. In big cities, this synthetic drug is wreaking havoc – causing health hazards and even deaths, particularly among the homeless population due to its cheap availability (it costs just about $2).

Synthetic marijuana is made of non-cannabis herbs that are sprayed with lab-created chemicals which give the users a stronger high than THC. This often causes seizures, hallucinations, convulsions, and negative psychological effects.

How to differentiate synthetic cannabis from the original?

Synthetic marijuana is far more powerful and potent in terms of the effects it has on you. Moreover, the potency depends upon the compounds that synthetic cannabinoid contains. The compounds present in it are like DNA. Some of its analogs could be 1 to 800 times more powerful. Sometimes, they would be 25 times more powerful while some are just 5 times. It totally depends upon the compounds that make up the product.

The major problem with this synthetic variant is that labs constantly keep changing the analogs in it and the compounds so that it remains unknown and is not called out as illegal as well, at least under the federal law.

Although, it’s a type of cannabinoid, it mimics THC and has a similar compound to marijuana, it’s just that synthetic version is more extreme.

Previously, synthetic cannabinoids were produced and sold in the herbal markets as legal marijuana replacements. They are packaged and branded to project a strong similarity to the real thing, but since the materials are inert herbal mixes that are covered with synthetic cannabinoids, their appearance, taste as well as smell are different.

You can further differentiate between synthetic and real marijuana by its effects. From euphoria, confusion, dizziness to nausea, vomiting, accelerated heartbeat and blood pressure to even heart failure, kidney damage, and death. The effects are physical as well as psychological.

The evolution of this business keeps escaping the law enforcement agencies, but in the medical and scientific worlds, efforts are being made on pushing awareness actively and developing an empathetic reaction to it rather than knee-jerk aversion!

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