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How to search for the best cannabis testing service

Testing is a critical part of cannabis production. It provides credibility and integrity to the cannabis industry and forms a vital means to protect customer and patient safety. It adds value to the tested products with a window of transparency. However, not all testing labs can provide a high level of service and integrity that is required to operate successfully. You need to perform an adequate check and due diligence in selecting the best cannabis testing service/ lab.

While we see many labs are gearing up to get into the cannabis testing service, however, if you are a producer and looking for a credible lab testing service, there are certain things that you need to consider.

#1 Compliance with ISO

An ISO certification provides evidence of quality and hence is important for all cannabis testing labs. Most cannabis producers look for an ISO certified lab to make sure that a quality management system is in place so that they don’t have to conduct their own audits and in the process can save up on time and money.

A lab having a robust quality testing system in place positively impacts its management which ranges from samples’ recordkeeping and management to streamlining the data entry. The emphasis on ISO certification – an international quality standard ensures that the lab has an efficient quality system in place. ISO 17025:2017 is based on ISO 17025 Standard and requires a regulatory audit from an external auditor.

#2 Testing Method

An efficient cannabis testing lab always makes use of validated methods to give the most authentic results. A validated method works by testing rigorously and accurately to repeatedly measure a specific characteristic of a specific component in the cannabis sample. Many times it becomes difficult to validate a certain method of testing, but this is how a lab provides the most accurate results. Validating a testing method sometimes takes several days or weeks, with running several samples to reach a common conclusive agreement.

#3 Who is doing the Testing?

The results of a marijuana test are as good as the person and the laboratory that is conducting the tests. An authentic and credible lab will be able to document the experience and qualifications of the testers in their lab. Their background, their education and the overall testing methodologies that they have worked on, all these factors are needed to corroborate the credibility of the lab.

You can ask some other producers which lab they are using and gather information regarding the lab’s accreditations, partnerships, and affiliations to have a better idea.

#4 Transparency

A credible and trustworthy lab is transparent in its working. It is upfront regarding the details behind the operation for instance the kind of instruments it uses and the methods it deploys. Potential customers should be able to view at least the lab’s sample prep and see how the instruments are being used. The lab should be willing to disclose its methods and instruments of work for various cannabis tests.

Final Thoughts

As a cannabis producer, it is important for you to partner with the best labs which add knowledge and proficiency to your team. There could be certain options and testing labs that are more expensive than others. It is advisable to review the cost testing per sample and criteria and then deciding which lab to collaborate with.

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