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What is the Best Extraction Method for CBD?

What is the best extraction method for CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the many components of a cannabis plant. The CBD is known to have a variety of benefits which range from easing anxiety to mitigating nausea in cancer patients. CBD has been in use for several years and researchers are trying to find new ways through which CBD can be of healthy assistance.

What is CBD Extraction?

CBD extraction is a process that removes CBD from plant flowers. There are many ways to extract CBD from the plant and while attempting to extract CBD it is important to understand which is the safest and healthiest method of doing so.

The basic purpose of extracting the CBD is to separate the cannabinoid from the plant and get a highly concentrated form of it for human usage and consumption. When proper extraction is done, the THC is left out and just the CBD is extracted.

Methods of Extraction

While there are many methods of extracting CBD from the hemp plant, let’s discuss some of the popular ones that work best.

#1 CBD Extraction – Liquid Solvent

Making use of a liquid solvent like alcohol, butane, ethanol or isopropyl is the most common form of CBD extraction since it is relatively easy, fast as well as inexpensive. However, this method can be risky since all these liquids are highly flammable. Furthermore, using these liquids destroy plant waxes which hold a multitude of health benefits. Another disadvantage of using this method that it removes the chlorophyll along with the cannabinoids since the former gives a bitter taste.

The liquid method involvesputting the plant material in a container and running the solvent through it which strips the CBD from it and gets transferred to the liquid. Subsequently, the liquid gets evaporated and only the CBD is left in the container.

#2 CBD Extraction – Olive Oil

CBD enthusiasts are known to make use of this method more often as compared to commercial producers. Using olive oil is also one of the oldest forms of CBD extraction methods as it’s inexpensive, safe and simple to use. The only limitation is that the extracted CBD is perishable and must be stored in a cool and dark place which becomes difficult for commercial producers.

It involves using the process of decarboxylation on the plant first and then heating it at a certain temperature for a certain amount of time which activates the plant’s chemicals. Subsequently, the plant is heated again to extract the CBD.

#3 CBD Extraction – CO2

This method uses CO2 to extract the phytochemicals from the cannabis plant. Being an advanced method, it is an expensive as well as a complicated process but if done correctly, it is safe, chlorophyll free and has great quality.

The CO2 method has many benefits for the customer. However, the only downside to this method is that it is expensive and complicated. Still, many commercial producers are willing to invest in this method to extract the highest quality product which is less likely to be contaminated and has its health benefits intact. Another benefit of this method is it facilitates adjustment of temperature and pressure during the process that isolates CBD.

This extraction method uses a piece of expensive equipment called ‘closed loop extractor.’ this equipment is made up of three chambers. The first one holds solid pressurized CO2, the second chamber has dried hemp and the third chamber holds the separated product.

The first chamber pumps the CO2 into the second chamber that holds the plant material in the form of supercritical CO2 which has a consistency that lies between liquid and gas. The supercritical CO2 crosses through the plant material extracting the CBD which is then pumped in the third chamber. Here CO2 rises above and CBD contained oil collects at the bottom.

Importance of Temperature Control

Irrespective of the method that you are using, you need to understand the relevance of temperature control to yield the highest quality of CBD extraction. Certain procedures require specific temperatures to succeed while in some cases, excessive heat can damage the CBD. If the right temperature is not maintained, the entire process of extraction could go waste.

Which is the Best Option

Now that we have discussed all these CBD extraction methods, you may wonder which one is the best. It actually depends upon the manufacturer which method of extraction is most suitable. There could be various factors affecting the choice of extraction methods, whether they are safe, efficient and yield the highest quality of CBD.

Irrespective of the method you may choose, it is important that you get your product tested from the right laboratory to get the most accurate results on it. At PRX Labs, we partner with the world’s leading labs to fetch you the best deals on cannabis testing services.